Three Mummy blogs that got me through the first year

Well, I made it through the first year of mummyhood, yey! I’m feeling it’s about time to dust off the cobwebs, give those fingers a stretch and the brain cells a kick and get typing again. Some Mums find when they have a baby that they have the urge to write, a multitude have done a great job of documenting that crazy first year and beyond with all the trials and tribulations this new life (or life sentence!) brings. My brain, on the other hand, seemed to take itself off with it’s newfound foe, the breast pump, into a world of endless dirty nappies and sleepless nights… a condition otherwise know on the street as mummy brain.

I, however, have many of those mummy blogs out there to thank for keeping me on the right side of sane. I devoured them like a packet of chocolate hob nobs, whenever my little cherub shut her eyes for a millisecond. Or more often than not when she was safely imprisoned in her bouncer gurgling away for the two milliseconds that she wasn’t trying to break free. These blogs got me through the crazy emotional rollercoaster of all those sleep deprived months. I was, very much the blog consumer rather than writer! Now that I’ve tentatively placed my bum back in the writer’s seat, so to speak, I think I owe it to these inspiring mums to give them a shout out. Thank you in particular to the following three beauties for making me laugh on the dark days and well up with sentimentality on the good ones!

1. The Unmumsy Mum, UK

Documenting the shits and giggles of raising two little boys and a self proclaimed lover of gin, wine and tea, the Unmumsy Mum does a great job of making you feel like you’re not the only one. Mums come together on her page in solidarity to talk about their most cringeworthy moments. Did your little one have a blowout, gargantuan poo in the middle of the supermarket or, better still, ask in his very loud and innocent voice if mummy was wearing her nappy today?!  Whatever your worst ‘swallow me up’ moments are, the Unmumsy Mum or one of her almost half a million followers has been there. Many of her followers’ hilarious posts have gone viral, including a round up of childrens’ phallic art and I have to mention the one about f*cking Ruth!  Her facebook page is the perfect gateway for all that is not perfect about parenting. In fact the Unmumsy Mum has become so popular, she’s just published her first book.

You can follow the Unmumsy Mum on her and her facebook pageinstagram or on twitter @theUnmumsyMum

2. Constance Hall, Australia

Beautiful, crude, joyous, desperate... everything that motherhood and marriage is about, Constance Hall puts it out there in black and white and all it’s unfiltered glory, and does it in style. This Australian Queen and her tribe is refreshingly honest and can’t fail to put a smile on your face. With 4 children, including twins, under the age of six, she’s been round the block on this 24 hour, non-stop parenting wagon a few times, and, like the rest of us, fallen off and hoped back on with grace. Some of the topics she’s opened up about include post-natal depression, a subject that’s usually whispered about under the collective breath of society. More light heartedly, she talks about post-natal sex (or lack there of) oh and celebrating mums bodies post bambino (because you rock and just spawned a human being … so no you shouldn’t be eating lettuce or squeezing into anything more than your maternity jeans any time soon!). Anyway, you get my drift, grab a glass of wine, have a giggle and curse away the shitty day with Constance my motherly friends! Oh and get this blogger a book deal :-) #constancequeens

Follow Constance on facebook and Instagram

3. Scary Mommy, US

Less personal, but more diverse, Scary Mommy rounds up the best of the blogs and news in the Mummydom, as well as the less talked about Daddydom. This blog is great when taking that first tentative step on to the rollercoaster of parenthood, it includes articles such as the ’20 things they don’t tell you about your pregnant body’ and ‘No one gives a f*ck if you breastfeed or formula feed’ , that helped reassure me during the one time in my life when it felt like everyone had an opinion about my situation and didn’t hold back. It’s also a great resource for the more well-seasoned mums giving heaps of off the cuff and hilarious view points on whether to have that other baby, with lots of ‘you’re not in this alone’ feels to go around.

You can follow Scary Mommy on facebook or on Twitter

I also couldn’t talk about mummy blogs without mentioning Hurrah for Gin! So, I’m going to sneak this one in. I only just discovered it via The Unmumsy Mum. I love this British mum’s knack for documenting the parenthood doom and swoon through stick and lego people.. and she loves Gin of course, I couldn’t agree more…hurrah, bloody hurrah for Gin! You can follow Hurrah for Gin on facebook.

Happy reading Mums and Dads, I hope you find some words to help soothe the day and raise a laugh…or at least something to read on the toilet when you’re hiding from your little nuggets for the fifth time today!