Find your sticking power.

Not sure if you need a copywriter?  A copywriter isn't just for the the advertising giants in the industry. Here are just some reasons why effective copywriting is key for every business:

 1. Stickiness.

It's crucial that every piece of communication your company produces sticks by striking just the right chord with your audience. Whether it's a press, online or radio ad, a sales brochure, newsletter, or simply a blog post, your marketing collateral is the first thing your customer sees or hears.

No doubt you needed to invest a significant amount of funds in establishing your business. Perhaps it was the designing of your business's brand name and website or giving your office a professional look and feel, or perhaps it was the employment of your sales team or retail staff. Maybe it was all of the above. So, why wouldn't you make a similar investment in getting your marketing message and copy spot on? After all, what you communicate to your audience makes or break the deal!

2. Get one over on the competition.

If you're hesitating over employing a copywriter, it's likely your competitors are too. Stand out in the market place with striking and persuasive marketing copy and you're already well on your way to market domination.

3. Flexibility.

Once just the right copy has been written for your business, product or service, it can be adapted to different mediums. For example, I can write a stellar sales brochure for you and then show you how this can be tweaked to fit your website, sales kit or promotional leaflet.  Or maybe its the positioning and messaging of a product or service, once I've established the key messaging hierarchy and a sample has been tested and approved, this can easily be adapted to cover the whole range of campaign or launch material. In this way, employing a copywriter will prove to be a profitable return on your investment.

4. Clear messaging = Easy sale.

Your customers are not your only audience. Your sales or retail team must also believe in your product or service in order to sell it effectively. I can help you position and define the messaging and marketing objectives for your product, service or campaign. The resulting marketing collateral can in turn be used as a sales tool to engage your sales or retail team. Think of the effect a new, clearly written sales brochure, website, product/service leaflet, press release or ad campaign can have on the people that will actually be closing the deal. Once they find a sales hook that's successful, they won't look back.

5. Cost-effectiveness.

Working with me means working with a flexible pricing structure. Unlike others in the business, I work within a wide price range for each project, rather then providing a fixed price. I calculate the cost of a project based on your individual requirements and budget. My clients find that this approach provides a very cost-effective way to work when budgets are limited.  


Get in touch today to find out how I can help your message stick while you reap the rewards!